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The Life Line In Palmistry

The Life Line — The Longer The Better:

The life line is the line that extends around the thumb. It is usually in an arc. The length of the life line has no relationship with how long a person lives. It reflects one's health and physical vitality.

The life line is one of the five main lines read in palmistry. It extends around the thumb. The life line is usually in an arc around the base of the thumb, starting between the index finger and the thumb and ending near the wrist.

In palm reading, the length of the life line has no relationship with how long one could live. It reflects one's health and physical vitality.

Like reading the other main lines in the palm (heart line, head line, money line, and marriage line), the life line of the dominant hand (usually the right hand) is read as priority in palmistry.

A long and clear life line with a big arc predicts fullness of vitality, enthusiasm, good health, and high resistance to illness.

What is a big arc? Imagine a line straight down from the center of the middle finger to the wrist. If the arc of the life line reaches or crosses the middle-finger–wrist line, it is a sign of great vitality and plenty of energy.

The area between the thumb and the life line, is considered the vitality tank of the body. The bigger the area is, the better the health of the person will be.

If the life line is comparatively straight and close to the thumb, the person is usually cautious in dealing with relationships and easily tired.

A short life line doesn’t mean an early death. It reflects a high possibility of sickness. People with a short life line are usually practical, down-to-earth, and easily influenced by others.

Broken Life Line in the Palm

A broken life line is not a good sign health-wise. The breaks predict illness or accidents during the person’s lifetime. The length of the broken part indicates the duration and severity of the illness or accident.

No matter whether the life line is long or short, you can divide it into three sections.

  1. The first section, starting between index finger and thumb, stands for early age.

  2. The second section refers to the middle age.

  3. The third section, closest to the wrist, represents old age or the latter part of the person’s life.

The location of the break in the life line indicates when an accident or illness will happen (has happened).

If the broken life line appears in one of the three ways listed below, usually the person will recover even if they suffer from a serious health problem or disaster. The broken space reflects how long the recovery will take.

  • A short line parallel with the break in the life line

  • A square connecting the broken life line

  • The broken parts of the life line overlap each other

If the life line is thick and clear, the person is usually more suited to physical labor. He/she is generally good with his/her hands and mostly is very good at sports.

Creases in the Line of Life with Negative Meanings:

If the life line is like a chain from beginning to the end, the person is likely to have been born with a physical weakness, especially of the digestive system.

Rings in the life line indicate health problems or accidents. The location of the ring corresponds with the stage of life when the illness or accident occurs: youth closest to the index finger, middle age, or old age (later life) closest to the wrist. The size of the ring is associated with the severity of the problem.

Short line(s) crossing the life line show unexpected dangers, accidents, or illnesses in the person’s life.

Tassels at the beginning of the life line indicate loneliness in old age without children around.

A downward forked life line parting in the middle usually shows a fragile relationship with the person’s family.

A downward forked life line or tassels close to the wrist shows health deteriorating gradually and a feeling of being lonely and tired in old age (latter life).

Creases in the Line of Life with Positive Meanings

More branches mean more ambition. People with more than two upward branches should avoid thinking too much and not acting when they should.

Double Life Lines in Palmistry

Double life lines in the palm are called sister lines. It is a good sign of vitality and a smooth life.

A person with double life lines will always receive support from others when encountering troubles and has a higher possibility of getting riches and renown.

No Life Line in the Palm

No life line doesn’t mean death in childhood.

However, people without a life line are usually in bad health. Doing regular exercise, taking an annual health check, and maintaining good sleep should not be missed by those without a life line.

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