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They are potent healing crystals for you to add to your collection for a number of reasons especially when you take a look at their excellent healing properties.

These stones have a strong healing energy, and are known to aid the release of addictions, eating disorders, negative behaviors and emotional blockages. 

They are an excellent healing stone on many levels and may particularly aid health issues based in past lives, that may be holding you back in your current life. 

They are known to be used by healers to aid hardening of the arteries, joint pain, including arthritis and cramps, and circulation problems.

Black Obsidian Raw Stone

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  • This stone may aid you unfetter yourself from any negative attachments that you may have unintentionally taken into your aura. 

    These negative attachments are often related to karmic ties that connect you to people with whom you have been close, especially those who you have been in a relationship with.

    Use a sweeping motion to remove the ties one by one, and ask Spirit that all ties or connections to anyone else be removed.  

    Some people find it hard to use, so take care when using it for this purpose, as the process of cutting cords can be a little emotionally overwhelming. 

    You may use these crystals to sever karmic ties in meditation.

    You could visualize cutting the cords linking into your chakras one by one, aiding you to break any unwanted or undesirable attachments. 

    This is a stone that has no limitations. The meaning of Black Obsidian strongly relates to how its energy is inclined to bring out attributes that you may have been wanting to ignore.

    Once you perceive these issues, the energy of this stone pushes you to make changes. These stones have a particularly strong and often confronting vibration of truth, and work very fast.

    In summary: please note that Black Obsidian Stone may not always be comfortable to work with, and if you have difficulty with it maybe you may prefer to use Apache Tears. 

    This is a type of black obsidian which has a less challenging, more friendly and easier to use vibration, see picture above.

    One of the Obsidian meanings that you need  to remember is that if you are using this black crystal to do spiritual work on yourself,  you may release past problems.

    This includes emotions such as fear, anger, stress and resentment of others.

    Once you have released these negative emotions you can bring spiritual healing and be enabled to move forward.

    As they may also aid you to discover the spiritual aspects of unconditional love,  you can use this energy to make your life better in many ways.