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ANGELZ Seven Chakra Crystal Pendulum provides guidance regarding answers in different situations or finding the level of energy of a particular place, person or thing. This Seven Chakra dowser helps to balance, align and cleanse your Seven chakras.


 Seven Chakra crystals are a tool and can be like a storage battery for thought energy.

Clearing has to do with the energy of the stone or crystal. Chakra crystals can be programmed with our thought energy and then act on our subtle chakra energy fields.

They also to help to create situations in our lives that will lead us in directions that allow positive growth and healing.



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  • To cleanse it, this ANGELZ Seven Chakra crystal pendulum should be kept in salt water overnight as a way to recharge its energy. Once it has been taken out of the salt water it should then be washed in fresh water and placed in the sun for 2-3 hours. This process should be done every 3 months at least.